I actually read more than this in February, but one is an unpublished manuscript and the other I’m saving for a March review, so here’s my very short list of what I officially recommend from my reading during the very short month of February.

The Roving Party Rohan Wilson YEA. If you’ve read all the Cormac McCarthy and now need something else to read. Also if you like gritty historical fiction.
Everyone Wants to Be Me or Do Me Tom Fitzgerald, Lorenzo Marquez YEA. If you like tomandlorenzo.com, you’ll like the book.
We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves Karen Joy Fowler YEA. Just terrific.
Harvest Jim Crace MAYBE. Short-listed for the 2013 Booker Prize, and you can see why, (excellent writing & characterization) but at risk of outing myself as a culturally bankrupt idiot, I confess that it just didn’t speak to me personally.
Little Face Sophie Hannah NAY. If you like thrillers, there are better books out there.
Long Lankin Lindsey Barraclough MAYBE. If you want something genuinely scary and don’t need much else.
Grasshopper Jungle Andrew Smith YEA. Do you like awesome books about man-eating praying mantises, being a really horny teenager, and the shittiness of war and bigotry? Of course you do. Read this book.


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