April was a lean month volume-wise, but rich in quality. I would recommend five out of the six books I read this month, keeping in mind that the Wharton books are re-reads for me. They’re even better the second time around.


The Age of Innocence
The House of Mirth
Edith Wharton YEA. Especially if you think you hate Edith Wharton because you were forced to read Ethan Frome in high school. If you’re uncertain, start with The House of Mirth. The link on the title leads to a review of the film adaptation of HOM, in case you’re interested, but it contains spoilers.
The Flamethrowers Rachel Kushner YEA. But be prepared: it’s a book to be studied, not just read. Rachel Kushner is smarter than us.
The Casual Vacancy J.K. Rowling YEA. Wait a few more weeks and take it to the beach. It’s that kind of book.
Americanah Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie YEA. Stop reading this list and go read Americanah instead.
The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August Claire North MAYBE. It’s intelligent and has its moments, but they’re a bit few and far between.


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