Awwww, yeah. Rhyming.

Here are the books I read in May, and my capsule recommendations on whether I think they’re worth anyone else’s time.

Jasper Jones Craig Silvey YEA. Solid YA that zips along and keeps you in suspense.
The Chaos Walking Trilogy: The Knife of Never Letting Go, The Ask and The Answer, Monsters of Men Patrick Ness YEA. Brutal but riveting dystopian sci-fi YA.
Duplicate Keys Jane Smiley NAY. I just do not understand the hype surrounding this novel. I was looking for a good literary-ish mystery and was disappointed.
Wolf Hall Hilary Mantel MAYBE. If you like historical fiction and want something really impressive. If you don’t like historical fiction, you’ll still be impressed, but maybe not enthralled.
The Death of the Heart Elizabeth Bowen YEA. If you like early 20th century Brit fic and feel like being righteously pissed and also kind of sad, teenage-girl-style.
Sweet Silver Blues Glenn Cook MAYBE. If you want some kooky fantasy that has a whiff of the Gentleman Bastards series but is not really as good.
All the Birds, Singing Evie Wyld YEA. Literary thriller that you will read it in a day, hoping to dispel its cloud of menace. Then you will turn back to the beginning and read at least the first five chapters over again immediately.


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